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film forming agent

  • Povidone K Series Pharmaceutical Excipients with Many Uses

    Contact NowPovidone K Series Pharmaceutical Excipients with Many UsesSUNVIDONE ® K Synonyms: Povidone; Polyvidone; Povidonum; Polyvinylpyrrolidone INCI: PVP CAS NO.:[9003-39-8] Trade Name: Sunvidone ® K All grades of SUNVIDONE K are supplied in the form of an almost white, free-flowing powder They have a slight characteristic odour and are practically tasteless....Read More

  • Anti-dyetransfer Agent PVP K30 Solution

    Contact NowAnti-dyetransfer Agent PVP K30 SolutionAnti-dyetransfer agent (SUNSURDONE® S2) CONTENTS: NVP polymer, surfactants, water CHARACTERS: clear yellowish liquid, soluble in water SPECIFICATION APPLICATIONS Anti-dyetransfer agent in detergents for textile printing, dyeing and washing, improving the whiteness and brightness....Read More